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LoooX products give your bathroom a robust and luxurious feel. Nice detail: our LoooX Wood collection is manufactured in our own wood working department in the Netherlands. View our unique bathroom collection.

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Looking for a robust piece of bathroom furniture? Then the LoooX Wooden Base Block is for you. 

This wooden bathroom furniture is a combination of a solid oak counter top (Wooden Base Shelf) and a separate cabinet (Wooden Block), which playfully comes out from under the counter top. Use the space in your bathroom and step out of your comfort zone with this fun and practical solution. The LoooX Wooden Base Block is available in a length of 100 or 200 cm. The LoooX Wooden Base Shelf is available in the lengths 100, 120, 140, 160 and 200 cm. 

The oak counter top is available with a towel holder which can be placed on the left or the right. The counter top is also available without towel holders. The Wooden Base Shelf and Wooden Base Block combine seamlessly with the other products from the LoooX Wood & Light collection.

Technical specifications

Base Shelf

  • Material Solid oak wood
  • Colour Old grey
  • Towel rails Brushed stainless steel, matt black
  • Width 100, 120, 140, 160 and 200 cm
  • Height 7 cm
  • Extra Suitable for most types of surface-mounted washbasin(s). Washbasin(s) not included

Technical specifications


  • Material Solid oak wood
  • Colour Old grey
  • Drawer BLUM Blumotion TIP-ON ladesysteem
  • With 100, 200 cm
  • Height 30 cm
  • Depth 40 cm


Wooden Base Shelf Solo

Version TH left TH right Without TH
100 cm - brushed sst WBSOLOL100RVS WBSOLOR100RVS WBSOLOX100RVS
100 cm - matt black WBSOLOL100MZ WBSOLOR100MZ WBSOLOX100MZ
120 cm - brushed sst WBSOLOL120RVS WBSOLOR120RVS WBSOLOX120RVS
120 cm - matt black WBSOLOL120MZ WBSOLOR120MZ WBSOLOX120MZ
140 cm - brushed sst WBSOLOL140RVS WBSOLOR140RVS WBSOLOX140RVS
140 cm - matt black WBSOLOL140MZ WBSOLOR140MZ WBSOLOX140MZ
160 cm - brushed sst WBSOLOL160RVS WBSOLOR160RVS WBSOLOX160RVS
160 cm - matt black WBSOLOL160MZ WBSOLOR160MZ WBSOLOX160MZ
200 cm - brushed sst WBSOLOL200RVS WBSOLOR200RVS WBSOLOX200RVS
200 cm - matt black WBSOLOL200MZ WBSOLOR200MZ WBSOLOX200MZ

Wooden Block

Length Articlenumber
100 cm WBLOCK1000
200 cm WBLOCK2000

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