LoooX is meeting bathroom needs with new products

The innovative LoooX brand is doing well, and is a currently busy launching the new collection, Wood & Light, but they’re not resting on their laurels. In addition to this collection, there are several other products that are not only beautiful, they’re practical too. They all adhere to the adage “less is more”.

T-BoX: a remarkable recess or secret space?
A recessed alcove in the bathroom is both pretty and practical, but how does the bathroom change when this alcove is tiled and a door is added? A secret space is then created, or conversely, a dynamic design element when you opt for a different colour tile that pops out from the rest. The T-BoX is available in various sizes and colours.

Tileable toilet brush holder
In addition to LoooX’s existing, successful recessed toilet brush holders, there is also a need for tileable toilet brush holders. Everything stays perfectly hidden in the wall, but now tiles can be applied. LoooX has developed two new variations that it is quite proud of: the Closed CL8 and CL9.

Creating combinations
All LoooX products can be combined in a series of endless variations.